Top 10 Best Power Towers for Your Home Gym Use

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On days away from the gym, owning a power tower at home can provide you various benefits. With the solid structure, durable stability of a power tower, you can conveniently do many exercises such as pullups, dips, and hanging leg raises.

These features will be of great value to build your muscles in many positions like chest, arms, and shoulders. The device will be suitable for both gym centers or home usage.

However, choosing the best power tower for your need is easier said than done. There are a variety of products with distinct characteristics available on the market. Not to mention the fact that many companies try to distort the quality of their equipment to boost sales.

Therefore, you may want to keep reading this article to find the one.

Pull Up Dip Station – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity (lbs)Dimensions (inches)RatingsLatest Price
Sportsroyals Power Tower40041 x 40 x 65 - 884.5/5
ZENOVA Power Tower40041 x 41 x 824.4/5
HARISON Power Tower50039 x 67 x 71 - 934.5/5
Marcy Corner Station30055 x 41 x 86 4.4/5
Stamina Compact Tower25035 x 40 x 804.5/5
Fitness Reality X-Class40049 x 63 x 834.7/5
Relife Rebuild Your Llife28031 x 37 x 65 - 844.3/5
Leasbar Fitness Tower33029 x 35 x 59 - 914.0/5
Body Champ VKR198730043 x 48 x 844.7/5
Stamina Outdoor Tower30050 x 49 x 814.6/5

Reviews of The 10 Best Power Towers

Below are the objective reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of 10 top-rated power towers. They will help you make your choice comfortably and easily.

1. Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

If you are looking for a product with many distinct features, you can think of the Sportsroyals Power Tower. The manufacturer makes the product with a 14-gauge heavy square steel frame so that the equipment can hold users of up to 400 lbs.

More interestingly, it features a scratch-resistant coat finish. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the outer appearance after using the product for a while.

Another great point about the unit is the stability. This tool possesses a 39.7’’ long-size H-shape wide base, providing support points and loading points for the extended steel. This feature will increase the contact area and offer great stability.

There is no need to worry about your height as the pull-up bar’s height is adjustable. You can shift it from 64.56 to 88.18 inches, making it suitable for all adults.

One of the many amazing things is the ergonomic design. The producer designs it with PU pads, protecting your elbows. The armrest is inclined to the inside, helping you avoid any possible incident caused by your elbows slipping off.

Once you purchase the product, you can do a lot of exercise with it: push-ups, vertical knee raise, pull-ups, and dips, all of which will help build muscles in your chest, back, arms, shoulders, and core.

However, this machine has one disadvantage. The back pad has a long extension, and it can extend past the framing of the product. So, you need to keep it away from the wall, taking a lot of space.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Double stability
  • Multifunction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Takes up a lot of space

2. ZENOVA Power Tower – Best for Flexibility

ZENOVA Power Tower

Someone may notice that when they focus on their body without giving much attention to their legs, it can lead to muscle imbalance. However, the ZENOVA will solve this problem for you with some basic leg exercises.

There is a combination of both power rack and adjustable power tower in this product. Hence, you can easily switch between them to meet your different needs.

The unit can offer you versatility with various exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, vertical knee raises, squat training, weight press, and so on. Thus, if you want to have the whole body workout, this one is ideal for you.

Another essential feature is the comfort element. The creator equips the device with elbow pads and a 2-inch thickness backrest, which will keep your spine from injuries or pain. Besides, you can adjust the backrest to 6 levels to have the most comfort during the workout.

One bonus for the product is the 1.2 mm (0.047 inches) thickness steel and U-shaped base. With this construction, you can enjoy excellent stability. Even if you are 400 lbs in weight, the equipment can still withstand long-term use.

Assembling the product can be a bit hard for you. Some bolt holes are not lined up correctly.

  • Hold up to 400 lbs
  • Full body workout
  • Flexibility
  • Thick backrest and elbow pads
  • Hard to assemble

3. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower with Bench

HARISON Multifunction Power Tower with Bench

Do you want to have an adjustable power tower with the best material? If the answer is yes, you can choose the HARISON Multifunction. The manufacturer creates it with the heavy-duty powder-coated steel tube frame, making the most stability for you.

Besides, there are 4 robust function caps, multiple stable anti-skid crossbars, and a 53.54-inch extended curved base, all of which allow the equipment not to wobble. Therefore, it is without a doubt the best heavy duty power tower on this list. According to the manufacturer, it can hold a person weighing up to 500 lbs.

The product has non-slip foot sets, so you are not likely to fall out of the equipment during usage. It will reduce the risks of injuries for you.

You will be more excited to know that the product has a removable bench and backrest, giving flexibility during training. The bench is foldable, which can help save some space for you when you are not using it.

It is more interesting than the product has an incredibly compact design. The dip bar station features 4 adjustable heights between 70.47 and 88.19 inches. This characteristic comes in handy as all the family members can take advantage of the machine.

One negative thing about it is the lack of padding. Therefore, doing an abs workout in the decline position may hurt the back of your legs. In addition, its bench seems to be only for people shorter than 6 feet tall.

  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Removable bench and backrest
  • 4 adjustable heights of dip bar station
  • Multi-functions
  • Not pleasant at the back of your legs when doing abs
  • Short bench

4. Marcy Corner Pull Up Dip Station

Marcy Corner Pull Up Dip Station

The Marcy Corner power tower will be just right for you if your house only has a small space for the device. The dimension of the product is 40.5 x 54.5 x 86 inches, making it suitable for homes with limited spare space.

More importantly, the gym equipment features a triangular base frame so that it can fit any corner in your home. However, the compact size is also its drawback as it can only hold about 300 lbs.

There are multiple stations, enabling you to strengthen the muscle in both your lower and upper body.

The adjustable dip station will assist you in doing exercise in your upper body from various angles. Meanwhile, the knee station allows you to do vertical knee raise for core improvement.

You may be pleased with the chip-up and pull-up station. There are multiple grip handles, and you can use them to perform exercises efficiently in different aspects. Now, you can use the pull-up and chin-up bar with the handles.

Strengthening abdominal muscles is also possible with the product. The device has ergonomically angled VKR pads, helping you do the task with ease. The lower foam rollers enable you to exercise and improve the strength in your core.

However, the manufacturer could have printed the logo elsewhere more elegantly. The current location can be perceived as aggressive marketing.

  • Dip and knee raise station
  • Pull-up and chin-up station
  • Triangular base frame
  • Space-saving
  • Poorly printed logo
  • Low weight capacity

5. Stamina Compact Power Tower

Stamina Compact power tower

If you are looking for a device with countless functions at home, you can go for the Stamina Compact Station. When you have the equipment, there is no need to go to a gym for pull-ups and ab workouts anymore because it’s right there.

This small power tower provides you with many options to strengthen your biceps, back, core, and triceps muscles. You can do pull-ups with many choices, including wide, close, and chin.

It is more amazing that the device features a dip station with padded hand comfortable grips, ensuring the safety and comfort element for you. The dip is adjustable so that you can utilize it to do push-ups or inverted rows.

There are padded loops for hanging leg raises. This characteristic will improve your hand and leg muscles. The loops are wide, giving your arm ample room when holding them.

With a small design, it is obviously one of the best power towers for home use. However, this will sacrifice its load capacity. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it can only hold 250 lbs.

Nuts and bolts are not properly threaded. You may find it a bit hard to assemble it to give the entire tower stability. Besides, on the “complete purchase” page, you will find a warning about prop 65 cancer.

  • Pull-ups with multiple comfortable grip options
  • Anti-skid endcaps
  • Padded loops for hanging leg raises
  • Dip station with grips
  • Improperly threaded nuts and bolts
  • Potential prop 65 cancer

6. Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Workout Tower

Fitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Workout Tower

One unique feature of the Fitness Reality X-class is the comfort and safety it brings to you. As the product has a 3 inches thick angled backrest, it is incredibly comfy to use. Besides, there are 2.25 inches thick angled forearm cushions for elbow and forearm support.

For safety, the manufacturer makes the dip station with adjustable beams at 3 different positions. This feature allows strengthening your triceps with stability and safety.

Another good thing about it is the 2 adjustable handlebars, which come with foam rollers. Therefore, you can do different exercises with 7 mounting positions.

You can also do pull-up and chin-up by the multiple grip station. This characteristic will help you strengthen your lats, biceps, triceps, back, and chest via different hand positions.

Just like other products, this one possesses a heavy-duty powder-coated steel tube frame, making it sturdy. It has a maximum user weight of up to 400 lbs.

Despite its outstanding features, the workout tower can come with the lack of some parts such as nuts and bolts, and the customer service line has lots of room for improvement when you reach out.

  • Great comfort
  • Safety
  • 2 adjustable handlebars
  • Heavy-duty steel tube frame
  • Occasion lack of some pieces



If you want to enjoy a great adjustable power tower at an affordable price, you can think of the RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE, which is the best budget power tower on this list. The brand offers you a 100% lifetime guarantee for its quality and durability.

You can get a 1-year warranty for the frame, while all other materials will give you a lifetime assurance. This feature will set your mind at ease about the product quality, and you will not have to spend much money on maintaining them.

If you want to stay safe, it is advisable to install all of the parts before tightening the locknuts. It will help prevent the nut from falling.

You can expect to improve different major muscles in your body. The knee raise station helps improve the strength of your legs, while the multi-grip pull-up workout station allows exercising on your back, waist, and arm muscles for heart and lung improvement.

The dip station from the device enables you to improve abdominal muscle lines and thighs for increasing endurance and reducing fat. Meanwhile, you can use the push-up station to exercise your back and arm, lower leg lines, and lift hips.

Installation is pretty straightforward. It comes with a toolkit and instruction for assembling.

The machine has a heavy-duty metal frame, which can hold up to 280 lbs. This number seems to be lower than its competitors in this article.

  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Multi-function gym equipment
  • Safe locknut
  • Only holds up to 280 lbs
  • No pad for ab exercises

8. Leasbar Fitness Tower

Leasbar Fitness Tower

No matter if you are a short or tall person, the Lesbar Fitness Tower will be a great choice for you. The device can be adjustable from 59 to 90.6 inches, virtually suitable for all figures.

Besides, this feature comes in handy when you want to place it in a small space like a bedroom or living room’s corner.

This machine can hold up to 330 lbs thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame construction. There are 4 big non-slip rubber foot pads, ensuring the pull up tower stands tightly and firmly during the training.

You will not need to worry about the comfort. Similar to other devices, there are thick pads for hand and elbow protection. Also, the padded backrest allows the unit not to swing when you use it.

There are many functions with the tool. The multifunctional dip bar station supports push-ups, pull-ups, vertical knee raises, dips, and even resistance band stretches. These positions will make your back, chest, arms, shoulders, and upper body stronger.

The bottom resistance bands from the device will give you extra training, but it needs weights to stable the tower.

  • 59 to 90.6-inch adjustable height settings
  • Multi-trainings
  • Comfort
  • Stable, not swinging
  • Needs weights

9. Body Champ VKR1987 Home Gym Tower

Body Champ VKR1987 Home Gym Tower

The unique characteristic of the machine is that you don’t have to buy extra accessories as it features 2 inverted pull-up sling straps, a built-in sit-up bar, and 2 ab straps. Therefore, with this all-inclusive device setup, you can circuit train and work out without the need for weights.

You don’t need to worry about the construction as it is remarkably sturdy. The manufacturer has made it with an H-frame base, preventing it from swinging. There are stability bars, making the steel solid. Thus, the maximum user weight can be up to 300 lbs.

Versatility is another strong point of the product. You can do a wide range of exercises such as dips, push-ups, sit-ups/crunches, pull-ups/chin-ups, and vertical knee raises.

These workouts will help you to tone your muscle. You can target and strengthen the muscle groups such as biceps, glutes, quads, deltoids, abs, pecs, lats.

However, the delivery service is far from perfect. Some products may arrive damaged, and the returning process can be difficult and time-consuming.

  • No weights required
  • Sturdy with H-based stand
  • Versatile dip stand
  • Targets many muscle groups
  • Poor delivery

10. Stamina Outdoor Power Tower

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower

If you regularly do exercises in your garden, then this station is perfect for you. It is probably the best outdoor power tower that you can find for a reasonable price in the market. The product features special hardware engineered design, enabling it to withstand different external conditions such as rains.

You don’t even need to worry about the appearance when you put the device outdoors. The machine is paint-chip, corrosion, and weather-resistant. Besides, it has UV protection to remain vibrant colors regardless of downpours or hot conditions.

The producer creates it with stainless steel so that it will be clean all the time. Dirt from the outside environment will not stick to the product, staining your clothes when you use it.

The heavy-gauge steel material is incredibly strong. It does not wobble when you hang on it.

You can also enjoy different workouts with the device, including pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups with various grip positions, vertical knee raises, and tricep dips.

Some of the pre-drilled assembly holes do not line up, so you may find it annoying to contact the company for a replacement. Besides, the 2 padded hand grips are far apart from each other, so it is a bit hard to do pull-ups for average height people.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Paint-chip and corrosion resistant
  • Stainless steel
  • Improper pre-drilled assembly holes

Is a Power Tower Worth Buying?

One of the primary reasons you should buy a pull up dip station is to improve some of the target muscle groups on your body including the back, lats, triceps, biceps, chest, and abs.

Backs, lats and Forearms: According to many scientists, pull-ups are a great way to develop the muscle in your back, forearms. And of course, the best power towers here can help you do different grip positions for pull-ups as well as chin-ups.

Chest muscles, triceps, and biceps: The adjustable dip bars of power towers will allow you to do dips, an excellent way to strengthen your lower chests, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

Abs and core muscles: The device will also help you to do a lot of ab exercises. One example is the vertical knee raise, providing you with more defined lower abs.

A power tower is definitely worth the investment. However, one major drawback is the lack of leg exercises, which leads to muscle imbalance. Therefore, you should only think of buying a power tower when your home already has leg training equipment.

If your home does not possess the equipment for leg exercises, you should consider buying a power rack with a pull-up bar, or you can think of the ZENOVA Power Tower on the list. The product is a combination of a power rack and a power tower.

You can invest a small amount of money for a bar, some weight plates, and a bench. Now you can have a gym at home.

However, if you simply want to boost the above muscle groups and focus on body weight exercises, you can opt for a power tower, and you will have strong health and a beautiful body.

How to Choose The Best Products

1. Your Purposes Of Exercise

Depending on your needs and personality traits, you may need to have different equipment with specific features.

For a man, you may only need the power towers with basic features, including a pull-up bar, dip station, and backrest. The product should have a long bar with grips on the end, helping improve arm muscles.

Besides, there should be chest-high two bars with grips, allowing you to strengthen the muscles in your chest. Meanwhile, the backrest can be optional. If you want to develop your leg strength, go for a piece of equipment that allows you to.

The unit for women should have a backrest, assisting in the best form when doing leg lifts and knee raises. Besides, there are some other options such as push-up bars, band attachments, arm loops, a bench, barbell pegs, etc., all of which will help you do exercises easily.

Besides, should you want to enjoy comfort, some features like an adjustable height or double-sided setup are advisable to have.

2. Size and Space

One of the important criteria to consider is the size of the product. You have to think of the amount of available space you have in your room.

The power tower can come in different sizes and shapes; thus, you want to ensure that you check the dimensions before making a purchase. For example, the Sportsroyals Power Tower Exercise Equipment dimension is 41.2 x 39.7 x 64.6 – 88.2 inches.

Some products can feature adjustable functions, which can help you place them in different rooms.

3. Build and Construct

As you need to pull all of your body weight up on the product, it should not shake and wobble, increasing the risks of injuries.

It is therefore important that you check the stability and weight limits of the device. It’s best to look for the equipment that won’t tip. Besides, you can opt for products with sturdy materials like heavy steel.

You should avoid buying the units that have cheap flimsy towers. The product may oxidize and will sway and tip after a while of usage.

4. Weight Capacity

As mentioned before, different devices will have their maximum weight capacity. A normal product can bear a weight of up to 250-300 lbs, whereas some others can have 400 lbs maximum user weight.

If your weight is average, around 220 lbs, you can go for a standard station. When you are heavier or want to do more resistance for dips and pull-ups, you can get a professional unit.

The point to know is that if you are big, there will be a higher possibility of falling over and wobbling. So going for heavy duty power towers is a wise choice.

5. Compatible Exercises

The most basic power tower will have a pull-up bar, which allows you to do chin-ups and wide grip pull-ups or chin-ups. Meanwhile, you can perform dips without having your toes touch the ground with an adjustable dip station.

The backrest will help you do leg raises. Besides, there are some other characteristics. A set of abs will allow knee raises. The dip station will enable you to perform exercises on chest muscles, triceps, and biceps.

6. Price

Power towers can come in a wide range of prices. The more features you have, the more money you will spend. Thus, before you buy a device, you want to set a budget that you want to allocate.

However, you should not sacrifice the quality at the expense. The price will reflect the functionality and safety of the product. The cheap equipment may easily wobble, which can cause some injuries to you.

7. Warranty

Warranty is also an important factor you should consider. Different brands will have different policies.

You may want to go for a product with a long warranty, so you don’t have to spend more money maintaining the device during usage. Some companies can offer you up to a 5-year warranty, whereas some will not assure the longevity of their equipment.

Depending on how long you want to use it and your budget, you can go for long and short longevity.


Finding the best power tower that suits your need and budget is definitely not a simple task. However, if you are confused about the product you should buy, look at the following criteria: weight capacity, construction, price, warranty, space, the purpose of users, and workout types.

Our top pick is the Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station, which has the most basic features, namely sturdy construction, double stability, multi-function, ergonomic design.

If you don’t have much space in your room, you can go for the Marcy Corner Pull Up Dip Station or the Stamina Compact Power Tower. Meanwhile, when you want to do different exercises, you can think of the ZENOVA Power Tower or the HARISON Power Tower.

If you are still unsure about the best pull up tower to buy, you should spend time reading the article again.

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