Best Liquid Chalk for Climbing, Lifting: Top 7 on The Market

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“What is the best liquid chalk for climbing & lifting?” If this question is what confuses you, you’ve landed at the right place!

Today’s matter of discussion is one of the essential tools or accessories that all climbers and weightlifters need, including you. It increases the grip on your hand and finger after applying, which prevents slipping and unwanted accidents.

A hundred items on the market now can make you feel hesitant to find the best for yourself. Thus, we picked out the top 7 products for you to have more conferences.

Reviews of The Best Liquid Chalks for Climbing & Weightlifting

In this top list, we pointed out clearly each item’s advantages and disadvantages. You can based on their features and characteristics to find out the best one.

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Friction Labs Secret Stuff4.4/5
SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade4.7/5
Fire Team Fit4.6/5
Healthy Plan Grip4.5/5
Spider Chalk4.3/5
Physic Liquid4.7/5
Hammer Grip4.6/5

1. Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk  – Best For Dry And Sensitive Skin

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Does your current loose chalk usually dry your hand? There is no need to worry now as we have a better choice – Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk.

With completely alcohol-free ingredients, this nominee protects your skin from drying, unlike other chalk products. So even if you have sensitive skin, this chalk won’t pose any harm.

For climbers who don’t like the odor of liquid chalk, this is an ideal choice. You will no longer be dissatisfied with this odor-free liquid climbing chalk.

We also appreciate the grip quality as this liquid chalk leaves less dust than you think. Hence, the coat of chalk will last on your skin for a long time.

You may need to wait for it to dry for a longer period than other products. This process will take you from 1-1.5 minutes. With all that advantages, it is definitely a good candidate for the best liquid climbing chalk category.

  • Alcohol-free & Odor-free
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skins
  • Leaves less residue
  • Long drying time

2. SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk

SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk

High-quality liquid chalk with good grip, long-lasting time, and affordable price is definitely what all users look for. From our experience, SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk meets all of the mentioned requirements.

We prefer its performance to other chalks as it sticks well on your skin and produces less chalk dust. There is no mess on our clothes or tools after lifting heavy weights or rock climbing.

This product is flexible for different sports as we’ve tried it for track, bowling, etc., and it all worked flawlessly. You also don’t have to wait for a long time since this item will dry quickly after 20 to 30 seconds.

Last but not least, the thick texture and reasonable price will be the savior to your bank account. One 8.5-oz bottle can last for more than 50 uses, saving you from the trouble of constant repurchasing.

Paying attention when using this product is a prerequisite. Its lid can be broken under strong force.

  • Long-lasting chalk
  • Reduce chalk residue
  • Flexible for multi-purposes
  • Thick texture
  • Fragile lid

3. Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

If what you need is an ergonomic item that you can put in a bag and bring anywhere, don’t ignore our next recommendation – Fire Team Fit Liquid!

This liquid chalk is outstanding for a compact and portable design. It includes a hook so that you can hang it to your bag easily while not taking up too much space.

The chalk will dry after about 25 seconds of application, quite an impressive wait time. This chalk is pretty smooth and evenly without any clog.

Odorless is another pro it has. You will apply it in comfort and not need to worry about the strong smell that potentially hinders your climbing or lifting performance.

What makes us slightly unsatisfied is the thin texture. You may need to apply twice to get the expected coat of chalk.

  • Convenient hook
  • Easy to use and store
  • Smooth cream
  • Odorless
  • Thin texture

4. HEALTHY PLAN Liquid Chalk Grip – Best Of Thick Texture

HEALTHY PLAN Liquid Chalk Grip

The chalk texture will affect its longevity with the thick one lasting for a longer period. That’s why we want to introduce to you the HEALTHY PLAN Liquid Chalk Grip.

Its thick cream will extend its lifetime, consequently, save you a lot of money on repurchasing. Using this recommendation, you can cover all your hands with 2/3 amounts of other chalk products.

Reliable grip reduces mess and limits dust or residue on clothes and the ground. Thanks to this benefit, you don’t have to apply it again, once is enough for your strength training session.

Not only weightlifting or rock climbing, but you can also use this liquid form chalk for other types of workouts or gym sessions such as cardio workout, baseball, etc. The ring massage is also included for you to relieve pressure afterward – a thoughtful add-on from the manufacturer.

When you apply the cream to your skin, it will dry quite quickly. Remember to spread it evenly right after taking it out of the bottle. Besides, there are many colors to choose from, including blue, orange, green, pink, and white.

Hence, this is definitely one of the best liquid chalks for lifting if you – a weightlifter, bodybuilder, or powerlifter who wants to add a bit of color to the workout instead of the classic white chalk.

  • Thick texture
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Suitable for many sports
  • Includes ring massage
  • Dry too quickly

5. Spider Chalk – Best Grip Quality

Spider Chalk

We’ve experienced a dozen products before, and we’re surprised with Spider Chalk’s grip. It would have been a crime if we didn’t include this chalk on the list.

It’s called “best rock climbing chalk” thanks to the high grip level on the skin. When other chalks maintain about 1/3 of the amount of cream after you finish the training session, this chalk can keep more than 1/2 on your skin.

This chalk’s Sweat resistance and long-lasting formulas support you during the fitness program. It limits slipping to avoid risks and a variety of unexpected issues.

Moreover, its ingredients are certified as safe for the human body. The manufacturer gives you a 30 days guarantee so you can rest assured when buying this item.

Its smell is a bit strong the first time you open the bottle. But after the alcohol evaporates, its smell is much more pleasant.

  • High grip quality
  • Sweat-resistant and long-lasting
  • Safe ingredients
  • 30 days guarantee
  • Strong smell

6. Physic Liquid Chalk – Best Budget

Physic Liquid Chalk

Most if not all of us want to find the best bang for the buck while shopping, so if you aren’t willing to spend much money on a product, look at Physic Liquid Chalk. It is very suitable for daily weightlifting.

You may think that “the cheapest is the dearest.” But based on our experience, we are sure that this item is worth your money!

We like this product as its texture is really smooth and even with a high grip. It will give the perfect coat on your palms and fingers after one application.

The compact and ergonomic design also supports you in using and carrying. You can easily put or hang it on your bag without effort. No matter which sport you choose, it’s all handled, and afterward, it’s simple-to-clean.

On the flip side, this chalk needs more time to dry than other chalks. So you may have to wait for a bit.

  • Bargain price
  • Smooth and even texture
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Long drying time

7. Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk – Best For Diverse Sizes

Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk

If you need a high-quality product with many sizes for different using purposes, you shouldn’t miss this Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk.

We’re sure that you will love the design, the 50ml bottles come with a useful hook when the largest size – 1l includes an ergonomic handle. It supports us well to control the amount as well as when you hold it.

Besides, the sweat-resistant feature makes it long-lasting and limits slipping. Combined with the high grip level, you can rest assured and enjoy your training process.

Last but not least, the bargain price will save your budget. It costs less than other liquid chalks and you can use a product from more than 10 up to 200 times based on which size you choose.

There is nothing to complain about this liquid chalk. However, with the 50ml and 250ml bottles, their caps will be a bit fragile.

  • Various sizes
  • Sweat-resistant and long-lasting
  • Bargain price
  • A bit bulky

What is Liquid Chalk?

Have you ever heard about liquid chalk before? In the simplest way, you can understand this is the mixture of loose chalk diluted in a liquid such as alcohol.

This mixture has three main ingredients: magnesium carbonate, colophony, and alcohol or ethanol. The liquid ingredient is flexible as long as it can dissolve the colophony and evaporate.

For that reason, this type of chalk contains an alcoholic scent. Some manufacturers use some aromas to reduce this strong smell.

After applying the substance to your hand, it will dry quickly; the drying time varies from 20 seconds to 1.5 minutes. A part of alcohol will evaporate while your skin absorbs another.

Finally, it will leave a layer of chalk coat on your palms and fingers. This layer grips firmly and reduces slipping when you’re in weightlifting, bouldering, or climbing sessions. It means you can avoid most of the risk for injury.

Lifting Chalk Vs. Climbing Chalk Differences

Some users believe that lifting chalk and climbing chalk aren’t the same as they’re used for different purposes. The fact remains that we can use liquid climbing chalks for weightlifting and vice versa.

best rock climbing liquid chalk

A bottle of liquid chalk’s main aim is to increase grip on your hand and prevent slipping during the process. So we can’t distinguish the two types by purpose.

About the ingredients or chemistry, most liquid chalks are the same. There can be some differences in the texture or content of ingredients between some brands, but they aren’t too significant.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about which is for lifting and which is for climbing. Pay attention to the quality, drying time, etc., and you can look for more in our buying guide.

Is Liquid Chalk Better Than Chalk Powder?

The answer to this question is dependent on your situation as there is no fixed one. From our experience, they have unique benefits and drawbacks.

Liquid Chalk

  • Coats evenly: As the product has a liquid texture, it’s easier to spread on your hand. So your palms and fingers will be covered consistently.
  • Lasts longer: Thanks to the high grip quality, this chalk type will stick on your hand for a longer time than chalk power can.
  • Easy to store and carry out: The tube or bottle packaging supports you to preserve the item better. This regular chalk also prevents pouring or spilling like the box.

Chalk Powder (Loose Chalk)

  • Alcohol-free: The alcohol ingredient in liquid chalk can dry your hand after a long time of use; this is what you won’t meet when using chalk powder.
  • Scent-free: If you have a headache or feel dizzy encountering the alcohol scent of liquid chalk, it’s best to choose scent-free options.

How to Choose The Right Liquid Chalk?

1. Grip Quality

A tube or bottle of liquid chalk’s main purpose is to increase the grip on your hand when you’re climbing or lifting heavier weights. That’s why grip quality is the prerequisite you have to consider.

Some products come with outstanding grip ability as they leave less residue on your tools and rock. This feature enhances your safety during the process as it prevents most of the slipping.

The grip quality is easy to check. You can take an amount of chalk and spread it evenly on your hand, then rub your hands together and observe if it leaves too much residue or not.

2. Drying Time

As usual, the main liquid used in this type of chalk is alcohol. This ingredient gives you time to spread and coat the product evenly onto your fingers and hands.

Alcohol will evaporate quickly after contacting the air and leave the dry surface. The drying time is flexible based on each item, usually from 20 seconds to about 1.5 minutes.

This feature isn’t too important, but obviously, no one wants to wait for a long time. Short drying time allows you to start your training routine soon.

3. Smell

When you open a product, the first thing you may recognize is the strong smell of alcohol. With someone, this isn’t a big problem, and they can ignore it.

But if it’s too strong, it can make you feel dizzy or cause a headache after a long time of climbing. So some manufacturers add some scented oil to solve this problem. And you should check the aroma to find the best suit for you.

4. Amount

How much do you need for one using time? It depends on the chalk’s texture and your hand size.

With some thick-texture product, you may need a pea-size amount to cover your hands. On the other hand, your hands will need more if your product is quite thin.

5. Duration Of A Single Application

This feature and grip quality have a relation. As mentioned above, the grip quality will determine how much residue the chalk produces, so it also affects the duration of a single application.

If your chalk leaves much residue, this means you need to apply it many times again to cover your hand. In contrast, high grip ability will maintain the chalk on your hand for a long time.

6. Longevity Of An Entire Bottle

You may want to check your training frequency first. How often do you usually go climbing or lifting?

With a bigger product size, you don’t have to buy it repeatedly as one is enough for a long time. But if you don’t have much time to do so, buying a small size one is a perfect choice.

This factor is also affected by the amount you need each using time. The more chalk you need, the shorter the product longevity is and vice versa.


Overall, you’ve got all the necessary information in choosing the best liquid chalk for climbing, lifting & something else. We hope that you’ll find it helpful and support you in making a final decision.

If you still need one final recommendation, SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk is the best overall item on our list. As mentioned above, it has all the outstanding features of quality, design, price, etc., and we are sure this one will meet all your needs!

Don’t forget to check out our other buying guides to have more helpful advice!

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