5 Best Lat Pulldown Machines: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Having a well-proportioned V shape body is the dream of every bodybuilder out there. With this list of the best lat pulldown machines, you will soon achieve your body goals.

Lat machine is a piece of gym equipment that can help you train the muscles on the sides of your chest wall and the upper back. If you want to maintain a good posture and secure your body position, you should add lat pulldown exercises to your workout routine.

Suppose you do not want to go to the gym; creating a home gym with this fitness equipment is a great idea. Don’t know which one is worth investing in? Let’s take a look at the list below!

Lat Pulldown Machine Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity (lbs)Dimensions (inches)RatingsLatest Price
Xmark Lat Machine40048 x 57 x 834.8/5
BuyHive Pulldown Machine50026 x 59 x 774.5/5
Merax Lat Pulldown Cable Machine28638 x 59 x 804.6/5
Rogue Monster Lat Machine30040 x 60 x 965.0/5
Body-Solid ProClubline SLM300G231048 x 40 x 725.0/5

Reviews of The Best Lat Pulldown Machines

1. XMark Heavy Duty Lat Pulldown Machine – Best for Home Gym

XMark Heavy Duty LAT Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine

XMark Fitness XM-7618 Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable Machine is the perfect addition to your home gym setup, with dimensions of 56.7 inches long, 48 inches wide, and 82.7 inches high.

Built from heavy-duty 11 gauge powder-coated steel, the machine guarantees stability and durability for a safe workout and more years of use.

This lat machine can handle up to 400 pounds of weight plate capacity. Not only leaves it a lot of room for improvement, but it also won’t cause you to have to purchase more weight further down the line.

The frame is made of scratch-resistant powder and all-body 11 gauge steel material, which adds up to both style and durability.

Besides the tear-resistant rollers and the vinyl seat, you also get a diamond footplate for seated rowing.

It provides you multi-level pulley systems to comfortably use for a wide variety of exercises such as pulldowns, low rows, shrugs that can target the back, trap, etc.

Some standard accessories like single grip handles, triceps rope, press down bar, and custom cables are also included in the package. Plus, these accessories are made from cold-rolled steel, making them harder and stronger.

Unfortunately, this lat pulldown and row machine does not include weights. You will have to purchase them separately.

  • Large weight capacity
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Standard accessories included
  • Doesn’t comes with weights
  • People with a long torso or arms will not be able to perform a full stretch

2. BuyHive Lat Pulldown Machine – Best for Budget

BuyHive LAT Pull Down Machine

Still new to bodybuilding? Then an affordable machine such as BuyHive Lat Pulldown machine is what you should invest in.

The dimensions of this lat machine are 59 inches long, 26 inches wide, and 77 inches high, which are standard measurements for home gyms.

Like other lat machines on the market, the frame is made of stainless steel with a powder-coated finish, lending stability and a modern look to the model.

This pick can be considered to be the best home lat pulldown machine on the current market. Despite being on the more affordable side, it has an incredible weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The adjustable foam rollers help lock you in position for high pulley lat work. They prevent your body from being raised by the resistance attached to the bar as well.

These high and low pulley stations are perfect for developing upper body strength, lat muscles while simultaneously working on the biceps and the rear deltoids.

Since it is a cheap lat pulldown machine, the package does not include the weights. Still, this one is an ideal addition to your gym equipment collection without breaking your bank.

  • Affordable
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Adjustable foam rollers
  • Weights not included
  • Not perfect for tall people

3. Merax Lat Pulldown Cable Machine – Best for Construction Quality

Merax LAT Pulldown Cable Machine

With the overall dimensions of 58.7 inches long, 38.2 inches wide, and 80 inches high, this Merax lat pulldown machine is the name you should keep in mind.

This machine is constructed with a heavy-gauge steel frame with a tough powder-coat finish, delivering the solid support that you need while training.

The maximum weight plates loading carriage can go up to 286 pounds due to the quality pulley system with industrial TPU coated steel. It also has a 38.2 inches wide grip lat bar of the two-direction pulleys that helps you train the back and upper bodies.

Besides, this lat pulldown station offers you comfort due to a high-density padded seat pad and adjustable foam rollers. We find that the lat bar is wider than other designs on the market, which can widen your grip and target different muscle groups.

However, the weights are not included in the package. If you are looking for a complete package with weights, consider other options in this list.

  • Durable construction quality
  • High weight capacity
  • Wide lat bar
  • High density cushioned seat pad
  • Doesn’t include weights

4. Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown Machine with Weight Stack

Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown Machine with Weight Stack

Are you looking for a high-end commercial lat machine? If money is not one of your biggest concerns, we highly recommend the Rogue Monster lat pulldown machine.

What makes this one a high-end product is the golden dimension and the build quality.

This lat pulldown station has a footprint of 60 inches long, 40 inches wide, and 96 inches high. It weighs around 605 pounds and offers up to 300 pounds of resistance in the weight stack.

It is constructed from 3×3 inches 11 gauge steel, which can be bolted to the floor for stability.

The Rogue lat machine also comes with 4-inch adjustable thigh pads, 6-inch nylon pulleys, and an adjustable diamond tread footplate. Plus, it includes a pop pin to lock the rollers securely into place. Therefore, you can freely train without worrying about your safety.

Another thing that sets this product apart is that it allows you to use bands with the lat pull. Therefore, you can add more resistance with bands if you can pull more than 300 lbs. Better still, you can also turn it into a rowing machine by positioning a footrest under the seat.

However, this lat pulldown machine might not be for everyone due to its high price. On the other hand, if your budget permits, this pick is a worthy investment.

  • 300 pounds weight stack
  • Adjustable thigh pads and footplate
  • Pop pin included
  • Doubles as a rowing machine
  • Quite expensive

5. Body-Solid ProClubline SLM300G2 Lat Machine

Body-Solid ProClubline SLM300G2 Lat Machine with Weight Stack

Do you not have much room for your home gym? Do not worry. The Body-Solid ProClubline lat machine is the way to go. It has a dimension of 40 inches long, 48 inches width, 72 inches high, and weighs around 500 pounds.

The no-cable-change design allows you to perform the best seated long pull movement, thereby increasing the strength and endurance of your back muscles.

The machine features a 2×4-inch 11-gauge steel frame that is welded on all four sides. It also has a double powder-coat finish which helps prevent scratching, peeling, and chipping.

Plus, with the design of double-stitched tear-resistant upholstery with high-density foam, this item can stand up to heavy use in the gym.

This model has a weight capacity of up to 210 pounds, which is enough for home gym equipment. You can choose to pay extra for the 310-lb weight stack.

Since the high pulley is placed overhead, it provides the best lat and back isolation. Plus, the long pulldown bar allows you to choose between different hand-grip positions such as narrow, medium, or wide.

For lifts beyond your body weight, the adjustable hold pads do a good job at stabilizing them. Since it is made of high-quality materials, this lat machine is stable and durable. The design and adjustments guarantee you a safe workout.

The downside is that it only comes with an exploded diagram for assembly. If you have little knowledge about the equipment under the belt, you might struggle to put everything together.

  • No-cable-change design
  • Adjustable hold-down pads
  • Solid frame
  • No step-by-step assembly instructions

Muscles Worked On Lat Pulldown Machines

Lat pulldown is a compound workout exercise that engages several muscles at once – particularly the latissimus dorsi, or “lats” for short.

Latissimus dorsi is a major muscle covering your back, right below the arms and across the ribs, responsible for the spine and shoulder mobility. Since it works on the lat muscles, the back areas are also affected.

You can also use a lat pulldown machine to train other parts such as triceps, biceps, trapezius, etc. If you want to train multiple muscle groups, you may want to go for a machine with various accessories for different training purposes.

Is A Lat Pulldown Machine Worth Buying?

Lat pulldown machine is a worthy investment if you want a dedicated machine for lat training and your home gym is spacious enough. Since it provides leg holders and stability, you can focus more on the muscle group.

It also causes less injury than the free weights exercises with dumbbells or barbells. Besides, you can try out numerous pulldown variations with rope, v-handle, etc., to target different muscle areas such as lower lats, middle lats, and upper lats.

With a smaller space, you can take a look at the following options to train other groups and avoid muscle imbalance:

A power cage with lat pulldown attachment: It comes with a solid steel chrome multi-grip pull-up bar, lat bar, low row curl bar, and triceps bar.

With this power rack, you can train the lower part to gain a well-proportioned body. No one wants a big upper body and a small lower body like a cartoon character.

This rack even comes with safety bars, dip handles, adaptor sleeves, and so on. If you can invest in a foldable bench and some weight plates, then you will get a complete basic home gym.

A multifunctional home gym station: For a small gym, a multi-station that provides a diversity of pulley exercises is the perfect choice.

This system is made with heavy-duty steel tubing and reinforced with guard rods that hold weight in place during your workout sessions.

It allows you to perform chest press and arm exercises, with dual-action press arms such as triceps pushdowns and bench presses,  helping develop your biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles, and pectoral muscles.

This item also features an innovative structure that combines a leg station to help you achieve a comprehensive total body workout. In addition, you always have a bunch of alternative exercises for lat pulldown to do.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Lat Machine

Choosing the best lat machine for your home gym is not an easy task, especially for beginners. Here are some criteria you should look at while shopping for this equipment.

1. Size and Workout Space

Workout solid machines come in different shapes and sizes. The truth is when choosing a lat machine, your body size matters. The machine only serves you properly when its measurements fit your height, width, and neck size.

Another aspect to consider is where you want to place your new equipment. How much room do you have for it? Knowing the size of your workout area plays an important part in choosing the perfect machine for you.

You don’t want such a bulky machine that dominates your cramped space and leaves you no breathing room.

2. Materials

The life expectancy of the machine depends on its materials. A lat pulldown machine needs to be made with high-quality components so that it stays with you for a long time.

The best lat machines are usually made of stainless steel, which is durable and highly resistant to rust. They can also have a powder-coated finish to avoid scratching, chipping, and peeling. This finishing coat also creates a modern look for the machine.

Thanks to the durable materials, your machine is not easy to wear out even after years of intense use.

As you can see, a machine made of high-quality material is an economical solution for home gyms. Since the high-quality material expands the lifespan of the machine, replacing the equipment now and then won’t be your problem anymore.

3. Build Quality

When it comes to gym equipment, the most important factor is the build quality. The best lat pulldown machine needs to have the best build quality since it directly affects your safety during workouts.

The first thing to check out is the frame. You should make sure it is firm and not wobbly to guarantee your safety. Another thing to look for is the upper rod. A poor-quality upper rod interrupts your training and might cause serious injuries.

4. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity, or weight limit, is how much weight a line can hold. Depending on your fitness goals, you can choose the model that provides your desired amount of weight.

Typically, a lat pulldown machine’s capacity can range from 200 to 500 pounds. This capacity is more than enough for an amateur trainer.

It is advisable to start slow and then work your way up once you get used to the workout intensity. If not, you risk getting potential injuries at your shoulders, lower back, and neck.

5. Adjustable Seat Or Leg Holder

Suppose you are not the only one to use the machine in your home gym; the seat should be adjustable by at least a few inches to accommodate people of different heights.

Short people should be able to plant their feet firmly on the ground. Meanwhile, tall people should be able to lower it to get a full range and stretch of motion.

Besides, there should be knee brace rollers to lock your legs down so that you can be comfortable during your workout routine.

6. Weight Stack Vs. Plates

Which kind of machine do you want to buy: the weight stack or the plate-loaded one? This can be a tricky question for new bodybuilders.

Overall, as you can tell by the name, the weight stack comes with the standard weights.

Once you finish assembling the machine, you can practice right away. It is more convenient, but it also comes with a problem: the standard stacks might not be enough once you step up the training.

Most of the weight stack systems are at 200 pounds. If you become an advanced trainer, this number will not suffice to help you gain your desired body goals.

In that case, the plate-loaded lat pulldown machine is the better option. It is suitable for both Olympic plates and standard plates. You can easily add more as you wish, making it more versatile and more practical than the weight stacks.

7. Price

One of the first things that you are likely going to consider is the price. This factor depends on the quality, brand, and specifications of the gym equipment. On average, the price can vary from a few hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars.

As a rule of thumb, the more accessories and functions the machine has, the more it costs. Therefore, to get the perfect product at a reasonable price, you need to determine your needs and budget.

8. Accessories

Some machines come with various functions and features. Additional accessories allow you to train different parts of the body. There are many types of attachments available on the market for you to apply.

To choose the best accessories for your piece of equipment, you need to know what part of the body you want to work on. The most basic thing you need is a lat pulldown bar, which allows you to do various exercises such as upright rows, front raise, bicep curls.

You may want to avoid lat bars with rubber ends since they are more prone to wear and tear after a while.

9. Warranty

The warranty is one of the most important things that you need to consider while purchasing any product. Your lat pulldown machine of choice inevitably will have some problems at some point.

Therefore, choosing the model with a longer warranty time will benefit you sooner or later.


So there you have the list of the best lat pulldown machines. Hopefully, this article can help you find the one that fits your needs and fitness goals.

In case you are still confused, here is my recommendation. If you want to have the flexibility in adding weights, you can’t go wrong with the XMark Heavy Duty. This machine will be the perfect addition to your home gym equipment collection.

Suppose the budget is not a problem, and you want to have a machine that can show your class; Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown is a wise choice.

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