Rock climbing is an amazing alternative exercise to traditional weight lifting and cardio. It combines total body coordination along with puzzle-solving skills, is a high intensity functional fitness interval exercise much like CrossFit, yet without the high impact motions CrossFit demands.

The Arch, Oahu

Benefits of Climbing


Climbing is a core workout that doesn’t require the monotony of numerous reps. With climbing, the core is always engaged. The core is the main component helping the body stay close to the wall, and it also facilitates proper tension to move from hold to hold.


Some people refer to climbing as ballet on rocks. Climbing naturally attunes the individual to how the body moves and how the weight shifts, much like yoga.


Sometimes holds are out of reach and require bending and twisting the body like a pretzel. It is a very common in bouldering place a foot on the same hold as the hand in order to free the hand, allowing it to reach the next hold. Climbing is a great way to stretch the legs and arms.

Functional Strength

There is no surprise as to why all the climbers do well in obstacle courses such as American Ninja Warrior. Climbing builds strength in lean muscle, allowing the body to have power with function and flexibility.

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